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Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy

Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy

  • Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy
  • Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy
Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy
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Place of Origin: Chongqing, China
Brand Name: Hongli
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DT-130F
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1pc/bag, 4bags/box, 50boxes/carton
Delivery Time: 4-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 200000pcs/month
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Item Product: Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Pain Relief Patch Item Code: DT-130F
Certification: ISO, CE MOQ: 1000pcs
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China Traditional Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Pain Relief Patch Manufacture

  • Product Description: 

  • Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory

Chronic pelvic inflammation is refers to the female internal genital organs and the surrounding connective tissue, chronic inflammation of the pelvic peritoneum.Often in the treatment of acute pelvic inflammation is not thorough, in patients with poor physical condition, the clinical course of acute pelvic inflammatory disease in delay and break out repeatedly, cause chronic pelvic inflammation;But can also be no history of acute pelvic inflammation process, such as chlamydia trachomatis infection caused by salpingitis.Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is stubborn, can cause menstrual disorders, leucorrhea increase, waist and abdomen pain, and infertility.


  • The cause of

1. Immune factors

When natural defense function is destroyed, or the body's immune function decline, endocrine change or invasion of exogenous pathogenic bacteria, can cause inflammation.

2. The illness migration

Acute pelvic inflammatory disease treatment, has not been thoroughly, illnesses out and chronic pelvic inflammation;Also may be due to adjacent organs inflammation spread directly, such as appendicitis, spread to the pelvic cavity peritonitis, lead to the occurrence of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.The pathogen is given priority to with e. coli.

3. The chlamydial infection

Can patients without acute pelvic inflammatory disease, which caused by chlamydia trachomatis infection.

4. The pathological changes

Acute pelvic inflammation for chronic pelvic inflammation pathological changes of the left, there is no pathogens.

5. After postpartum, miscarriage and gynecologic surgery

Liquid such as curettage, fallopian tube, uterus salpingography, hysteroscopy examination, abortion and so on various has certain harm to the pelvic surgery and invasive procedures, or not strictly abide by the principles of sterile and can lead to reproductive tract mucosa damage, hemorrhage, necrosis, lead to the genital tract of endogenous flora pathogens uplink infection.

6. Related to sex and age

Pelvic inflammation in sexually active women, especially the first sexual intercourse age, have multiple partners, frequency of sex and sexual partner sexually transmitted diseases.

7. The lower genital tract infection

The genital tract of sexually transmitted diseases, such as bacteria neisseria gonorrhea sexual cervicitis, chlamydia cervicitis and bacterial vaginal disease be able to connect the lower genital tract with the pelvic, leading to pelvic inflammation.

8. Poor sexual health

Since during menstruation sex, using unclean sanitary towel, bath, etc., all can make pathogens and cause inflammation.In addition, do not pay attention to sexual health care, neglected the vagina flushing, the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

9. The chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) acute episodes

PID caused by pelvic adhesion, tubal damage extensively, fallopian tube defensive ability, easy cause infection again, recurrent illness, acute episodes of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.


  • Treatment

1.General treatment

Enhance the confidence of the treatment, increase nutrition, exercise, pay attention to the mix, improve the body's resistance.To prevent the spread of infection or infection range again.

2. Physical therapy

Warm can promote pelvic local blood circulation, improve tissue nutrition state, improve metabolism, facilitate inflammation absorption and fade.At the same time, cooperate with related drug treatment, can promote the body's absorption and utilization.Commonly used have shortwave, ultrashort wave, microwave, laser, ion penetration (can join all kinds of drugs such as penicillin, streptomycin, etc.), etc.

3. Antibacterial drugs

Long-term or repeated combination therapy of antibacterial drugs are sometimes no significant curative effect, but for the young to retain reproductive function, or can be applied to acute onset, at the same time adopt best against chlamydia or mycoplasma drug.

4. Other drugs

Application of antimicrobial drugs at the same time, also can use chymotrypsin or hyaluronidase (hyaluronidase), intramuscular injection, the next day 1, 7 ~ 10 times for a period of treatment, to facilitate the absorption of adhesion decomposition and inflammation.Local or systemic appear allergy should be individual patient.In some cases, antibiotics and dexamethasone applications at the same time, oral dexamethasone, 3 times a day, before the withdrawal notice do dexamethasone gradually reduced.

5. Surgical treatment

Applicable to some patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, due to long-term inflammation stimulation, cause adhesion around organs, anti-inflammatory drugs is not easy to enter, cause an illness to break out repeatedly, can use surgical treatment.

6.self-heating pain relieved patch treatment:

Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy 0Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy 1

Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Period Pain Relief Heat Patches Physical Therapy 2



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