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Chronic Gastritis Pain Heat Relief Patches / Pain Relief Therapy Patch Natural Ingredients

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Place of Origin: Chongqing, China
Brand Name: Hongli
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: HL-90B
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1pc/bag, 4bags/box, 50boxes/carton or according to your demands
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Item Application: Chronic Gastritis Pain Relief Patch Package: 1pc/bag, 4bags/box, 50boxes/carton
OEM: Avaliable Manufacture: Yes

Product Description

OEM/ODM Asia Popular Product Chronic Gastritis Pain Relief Patch


  • Chronic gastroenteritis

Chronic gastroenteritis is a disease of the body.Gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosal inflammation, its main clinical manifestations of anorexia, abdominal discomfort and dull pain, belching, pantothenic acid, such as nausea, vomiting, gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosal inflammation.Is the most common chronic superficial gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis.


  • Prevention method editor

1. Be sure to keep warm, intestines and stomach warm evil cold, warm and condensation, condensation is hurt a stomach.Pay special attention to stomach after the winter to keep warm, especially itself, "the old and the sick" with chronic gastritis, should add clothing in time, avoid the abdomen catch a cold at night.

2. Eat less greasy spicy: since winter, people's food and beverage industry changes, often biased towards the greasy, spicy food, so as to keep warm.Attention should be paid to patients with chronic gastritis, try to avoid eating this kind of food.Expert advice, you can choose light warm winter diet food, can keep the gastrointestinal rushed and qi.

3. Protecting stomach massage: massage stomach often can not only keep warm, also can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion.You can often massage acupuncture point (located in the midline, 4 inches) above the umbilicus, massage should be used when the supine position, relax muscles, finger down hard, about 5-6 seconds left, repeat 10 times.


  • The prevention of

1. Maintain spirit free from worry

Depression or excessive tension and fatigue, easy to cause the pyloric sphincter dysfunction, bile reflux and chronic gastritis.

2. Avoid alcohol quitting

The harmful composition in tobacco can cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretion increased, the harmful stimulation on gastric mucosa, too much smoking will cause bile reflux.Excessive drinking or long-term drinking alcohol can make gastric mucosal hyperemia, edema, or even erosion, significantly higher incidence of chronic gastritis.Avoid alcohol should be give up smoking.

3. Careful, avoid is used a drug of gastric mucosal injury

Long-term abuse of such drugs can make gastric mucosa damage, that cause chronic gastritis and ulcers.

4. Positive treatment of throat infection

Not sputum, nose, etc will take bacterium secretions swallowed into the stomach of chronic gastritis.

5. Pay attention to diet

Overly acidic, hot excitant food and cold not easy digestive food, avoid to eat slowly, when eating food fully mixed with saliva, conducive to digestion and reduce the stimulation of the stomach.Diet appropriate quantitative on time, rich nutrition, eat more contain the food with vitamin A, B and C.Not be strong tea, coffee and other stimulating drinks.


  • Dietary taboos

Milk: milk is rich in a variety of essential nutrients and vitamins, is a widespread favorite food.But most of the patients of chronic colitis is unfavorable to drink.Some particularly sensitive patients after drinking, will soon appear bowel, diarrhea.Although the reason is that milk has the effect of "repair is deficient, spleen and stomach", but has the effect of "smooth e.", so must take milk carefully in a patient with chronic colitis.

Fruit: refers to all kinds of fresh fruit, such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, banana, peach, persimmon, loquat, pear, etc.Though the fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, inorganic salt and other nutrients, but for most patients with chronic colitis, also on the list of taboos.For melon and fruit generally belongs to the cold, will hurt the spleen Yang, easy breeding ground for the origin, hindered transport function of the spleen, some still slippery bowel function, resulting in diarrhea frequency, affect curative effect.Many patients eat watermelon in summer often can cause diarrhea, is an obvious example.

Rich food: refers to or lard foods, such as braise in soy sauce meat, pork ribs, meat dumplings, wonton, and stewed chicken and duck soup, etc.These foods contain animal fat, after eating, chronic colitis often occurrence defecate number increase, so also shoulds not be edible.

Chronic Gastritis Pain Heat Relief Patches / Pain Relief Therapy Patch Natural Ingredients

Chronic Gastritis Pain Heat Relief Patches / Pain Relief Therapy Patch Natural IngredientsChronic Gastritis Pain Heat Relief Patches / Pain Relief Therapy Patch Natural Ingredients

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